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Who we are

JOLION FOODs is the best soy sauce manufacturer. It was created in the 1980s as Chinese food and oriental soy sauce factory in Zhongshan city. Initially, the company used to target Asian countries with their products. But things turned around quickly, and the market grew in other continents. The demand from other markets such as Europe led to the development of a second unit in 2001. Now, JOLION FOODS has expanded to 6 production lines with 110 full-time employees who work hard to serve both local and international markets demands. We have managed to reach even the developing markets in Africa and Latin America.

Products series and certifications

JOLION FOODS manufactures a wide range of products. New categories are still being added due to consumers’ demands. Some products consist of different flavors and ingredients, which helps them to win the hearts of consumers. Let us look at a list of different soy sauce varieties that JOLION foods manufacture.

● Light soy sauce

● Dark soy sauce

● Mushroom soy sauce

● Gluten-free soy sauce

● Low salt soy sauce

● Steamed fish soy sauce

jolioin foods products series- soy sauce and more

All the JOLION FOODS products meet international standards. It has acquired different certifications from the local government and international governing bodies. These certifications show that JOLION FOODS is a registered company that follows all the health and international guidelines. Some of these certifications include

Intertek: This certifies that JOLION FOODS follows the global standards and safety protocols for mixing, cooking, cooling, adding additives, and packaging.

FDA- This is a registration certificate issued by the USA food and drug administration agency for the dressing and condiments category.

HACCP system certificate- This is a certificate issued by the Chinese government to certify that JOLION FOODS adheres to the HACCP guidelines

Halal: This certificate certifies that JOILION FOODS do not contain any haram ingredients.

KOSHER: This is a seal of approval that certifies the products do not have any traces of KOSHER substances.

Our service: manufacturer, OEM/ODM, wholesale

We offer a wide range of products and services and are committed to be the best soy sauce brand and the biggest soy sauce supplier. Our core business is manufacturing food products. In addition, we offer OEM and ODM services. Suppose you want a custom product, we can design and mass-produce it for your business. We sell all our products at a wholesale price. This means you get products at an affordable price, leaving you with a wide margin to make profits.

Our strength:

Our company delivers quality food products and devotes ourselves thanks to our pillars of strength.

Research and development: Before we produce any product or use any ingredients, we carry out research. This ensures that our products are safe for both humans and the environment. Once the research is complete, the ingredients follow a comprehensive development procedure to ensure the end product comes out as expected

production capability: We have six production lines with approximately 110 full-time employees. Our equipment can handle 15,000 tons that meet the international market demands.

Quality control: We have an internal auditing team that ensures top quality products at the batching stage. We also allow the government and international organizations to carry audits and approve our products.

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