Congratulations to JOLION successfully SGS certification


In order to better reveal company, show the company overall strength, to apply for our company (soy sauce manufacturer) in August 2020, Alibaba has carried on the field to our company certification, audit content including the company factory building situation, products, production equipment, research and development ability, production capacity, quality control, and foreign trade ability, testing personnel has carried on the strict and detailed audit, and made for the related video. SGS international in the field of comprehensive evaluation, our company's indicators are in line with the relevant standards, approved by the gold products enterprise certification.

Enterprises to obtain this treatment must pass the authority of the third party certification body audit certification. After the comprehensive evaluation of SGS international in the field, our production capacity, trading capacity, quality management capacity and research and development ability are recognized, and then awarded the gold Products enterprise certification.

The smooth passing of the gold products enterprise certification, is our company to further improve customer service quality, set up a more powerful brand image of the guarantee. Jolion Foods will take this as an opportunity, with greater enthusiasm and efforts, improve product quality and work efficiency, in order to achieve higher strategic goals!

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